Why do this work?

We all yearn to be more present, less stressed, and full of life. We want the energy to express ourselves – work selves, family selves, community selves, physical selves, spiritual selves – fully, courageously, skillfully. The work I offer supports clients in their desire to fully expand into themselves and live from a place of intention and grace. When we are at our best, it seems no effort is needed. I help clients find the easy flow between being and becoming.


I work in three modalities that work together to build purpose and passion. Executive Coaching dives into the questions of “What do you want?” and “How can we get there?” Somatic Psychotherapy surfaces the deeply held patterns and emotions in your body helping you create more freedom. Plant medicine accelerates the waking up and knowing of your deepest self, what it wants, and how to live a life of choice and meaning.


Coaching is a process to help formulate goals aligned with purpose and meaning and identify blocks, challenges, and opportunities.
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The Hakomi method of somatic psychotherapy carefully studies and tracks the physical, the emotional, and the mental body and how we organize…
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Working with medicines accelerates the unfolding of the deepest self. Plant medicines support clients in both the initial work of healing…
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I’m 58 years old and today is the first day I feel like I belong on this planet. This work is truly amazing. I can’t believe one session could make such a huge change in me.

I’ve been in an out of talk therapy for 15 years. This is a whole new thing . . . and it really works. Your kindness and skill is truly a gift.

Paul, Thank. You. So. Much. I no longer feel like a suicidal bag of broken glass. I feel like me again. It’s been a long time.

I used to think that digging into my history and getting clear on the origins of my problems would be the path to a healthy future. Turns out, healing is right here, right now and right inside me. Paul’s confidence and gentle but determined focus to pull me right to the present moment got me to the opening I didn’t even know I was seeking.

I arrived without any clear idea of what to expect. All I can say is the I now know what folks mean when they say they’re living an expanded life and growing in every moment. I feel more alive than ever . . . and I didn’t feel all that bad to begin with.